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Three ways to document your World Ocean Day


Share photos

Always defer to your school’s photography and safeguarding policy. For photos that can be shared more widely, one school suggested taking photos that children can’t be identified in, for example: hands playing with water, ocean art creations, or taking a photograph from the back of assembly, so that only the back of children’s heads are in view.

Here’s one we received last year…


Stories and quotes from budding new ocean advocates

We’ve really enjoyed hearing what you have planned for the day. We’d love to hear how it goes down with children. We’ll be checking our emails throughout the day and during the following week, so please feel free to share how your school is celebrating and any quotes or reactions from your pupils!

Here’s a lovely story we received last year…

“Wow I’m totally buzzing after my World Oceans Day assembly. We showed your video and had a long line of children from reception to year 6 giving their interesting ocean facts to the school. Then I got the whole school to do one huge great Mexican wave. Thanks for all your help with resources etc. Everybody feels really emotional about this topic so it is so good to have a day to raise awareness”.

– Teacher from St Johns Buckhursthill School


Before and after ocean drawing

Here’s an idea for taking a rough-and-ready reading of how the day has raised your pupil’s ocean literacy. Ask children to each draw a picture of the ocean before World Ocean Day and to draw another picture of the ocean after the day.

We’d expect to see more people in the second drawing, maybe even someone experiencing the benefits of the ocean in some way, and a nod to the impact we’re having on the ocean e.g. a floating plastic bottle. We’d love to see the before and after photos, so feel free to share on social media with the hashtags or send us a photo via email.



How to share

– Tag us on Twitter @wodforschools
– Use the hashtags #worldoceanday #worldoceandayforschools on Twitter and Instagram
– Email photos and stories to us hel[email protected] and let us know if we can share them too