World Ocean Day for schools

A festival celebrating our ocean connection.

On Monday 8th June we are bringing the wonder of the ocean from the deep blue to wherever you are. Our interactive line up of ocean advocates will unfold right here with live ocean films, science lessons, music performances, yoga, breath-work, storytelling and much more!

Dress up in blue on the day to get in the mood for the festival 💙

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9:00am: World Ocean Day kick-off

Lizzie Daly will open the festival!

Join us with Lizzie Daly to get the day kicked off! We will learn how every second breath comes from the ocean via an animation, some Ocean breathing and movement exercise with Richie Norton and hear from others celebrating World Ocean Day around the world!

Age: All ages
Duration: 15 mins

9:15am: Rockpool Ramble at the National Marine Aquarium

Join NMA live from their fantastic Aquarium facility and with a spot of rockpooling and exploring the Plymouth Sound zone. Ask questions and learn about the amazing animals that live in and around their local waters.

Age: All ages
Duration: 30 mins

10:00am: How to breathe like a dolphin

Learn how to breathe like a dolphin with freediving champion Sara Campbell

Age: All ages
Duration: 15mins

10:30am: Ocean Learning Zone

One Planet, One Ocean - MCS (need to preregister)

A blend of online and offline activity, this session will introduce the concept of our world ocean and global responsibilities and we'll create a collaborative Schools Ocean Manifesto from participants ideas.

Age: 9-11
Duration: 90 mins

Pollution Problems with Ocean Conservation Trust

Join OCT as they explore the content of a whale's stomach. What's supposed to be there and what's not? Find out and discover what we can all do to think Ocean in our day to day lives.

Age: 6 - 11 yrs
Duration: 10 mins

Incredible Oceans TV Live!

Have you ever had a question about our ocean or the creatures in it? Here’s your opportunity to ask our team of marine experts as they try to answer YOUR questions LIVE!

Age: 5-7
Duration: 30-45 mins

Exploring the Arctic Ocean with Encounter Edu (need to preregister)

Join Encounter Edu for an Arctic adventure and find out what scientists have discovered about the changes in the frozen north.

Age: 7-11, 11+
Duration: 45 mins

Shark conservation with Eco Action Families

Join Free-diver and Scuba Instructor Greg as he talks about the importance of sharks in the ocean and how we can help turn the tide on the decline of these incredible animals. And get your questions about sharks answered at the end of the talk!

Age: 7-11, 11+
Duration: 60 mins

1:00pm: Ocean creative Zone

All the way to the ocean by Joel Harper

Sit by and enjoy Joel Harper's brilliant animated story, All the way to the ocean. A cautionary tale about two friends who learn how our rubbish can go all the way from city to sea!

Age: 5-7
Duration: 20 mins

Blue yoga with Natalie Fox

Stretching our inner sea with yoga, breathing and movement to create flow!

Age: All ages
Duration: 15 mins

Make it with Midnight

Join artist Midnight for a craft session creating some amazing underwater creatures!

Age: 7+
Duration: 15 mins

Marine debris art with Mandy Barker

Mandy Barker is an international award-winning photographer whose work involving marine plastic debris over the past 10 years has received global recognition.

Change the world with Little Turtle Turns The Tide

Hear author Lauren Davies read the story of the Little Turtle that hatches a plan to save the world from plastic pollution and learn how you too can make a difference and be an Eco Hero!

Age: 3 - 7
Duration: 20 mins

Create an ocean story with Fabled

Laura Hamm from Fabled gives you all the tools you need to create your own ocean story in this video workshop.

Age: 7-11
Duration: 30 mins

ARTivism with PangeaSeed foundation

Learn how to create art with a strong message and reconnect with the planet's most important ecosystem!

Age: 11+
Duration: 45 mins

Animating Water with Elly Strigner

Learn how to animate water using simple techniques and easy to use software.

Age: 7+
Duration: 10 mins

Habit-hats Create Challenge with OCT

Time to get creative and make a fabulous Ocean inspired hat! Watch the short instruction video and some of our tank footage to pick a habitat, then gather together your craft materials and get involved. Let’s see Ocean textures, colours, 3D elements, and stunning creature drawings to make the most spectacular World Ocean Day accessory.

Age: 3-7
Duration: 30 mins

The Sea Monkey Project

Complete the Sea Monkey plastic education comic book and become a part of the Sea Monkey Crew!

Age: 5-7, 7-11
Duration: 10 mins

Surf A Wave Around The World with Kaimiloa project

Kaimiloa project takes you into the ocean to learn all about the waves and dig into communities from different places and times that enjoyed surfing just like you! Get inspired, imagine and design your surfboard.

Age: 5-7
Duration: 15 mins

Top Tips to help Clean Up! with Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola

Join author Nathan Bryon and illustrator Dapo Adeola as they share their top tips on how to Clean Up! inspired by their upcoming picture book Clean Up! where main character lovable, passionate Rocket sets off on a mission to save a Caribbean island from plastic pollution

Age: 5-7
Duration: 7 mins

Craft a cuttlefish with Kim Hillyard

Join author-illustrator Kim Hillyard to craft your very own colourful paper cuttlefish

Age: 5-7
Duration: 5-6 mins

4:00pm: Songs for the Ocean

featuring a lineup of music artists from around the world

Get on your feet as an amazing lineup of brilliant music artists and ocean advocates sing their songs for the ocean! Featuring Gretta Ray, Ziggy Alberts, Pacha Light, Jack Cullen and more TBA. Not one to miss!

Age: All ages
Duration: 1 hour

6:00pm: Films for the Ocean

Sit back and relax with our final act for the day. A series of awe inspiring short films about extraordinary ocean stories.

Age: 5+
Duration: 40mins