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Should we be adding our school location to the map or the location of our nearest blue space ?

Your nearest blue space ! Our aim is to populate the map with as many amazing blue spaces as we can around the world.

I can’t see my schools’ blue space on the map ?

First things first, click Settings under the name of your school on the dashboard – double check you’ve added the correct location. If you still can’t locate your school on the map, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll check on our side. We have to manually approve spaces, so please wait 24 hours before contacting us.

Can we add more than one blue space per school ?

Yes ! You can register multiple blue spaces per school, you’ll just need a different email address for each one (and worth putting class name as well as school name so we can differentiate them).

Can we change the location of our blue space once it’s already showing on the map ?

Yes of course ! Click Settings under the name of your school on the dashboard and you’ll see the original coordinates you added – make any changes then press Save settings.

Where do I find the lesson plans for Our Blue ?

As soon as you register on the Our Blue section of our site, you’ll be sent an email with your lesson plans.

How do I watch the livestream lessons on the day ?

You’ll need to register with our friends at Encounter Education here –

Can I order print memory maps for my school ?

Yes of course – just email us at [email protected] for more info.

Where do I find the schedule for the day ?

Head to the homepage on our site to see the full schedule.

Will we be able to watch lessons & access recordings after World Ocean Day ?

Yes – We’ll upload all the lessons & activities to our Resources section so you can access them any time.

Where can I find the Teachers Toolkit ?

Click here to download it –