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Resources and activities to understand our ocean’s link with oxygen

In the lead up to World Ocean Day for Schools, we’ll be selecting ocean-related resources for you to use in class or at home.


This week’s theme is Oxygen. 

Did you know that every second breath you take comes from the ocean? More specifically, from the phytoplankton that lives in the water? 

Find out more about these life-giving organisms and why their survival is vital for keeping us and the planet healthy in this video from the BBC

Join champion freediver and ocean explorer Hanli Prinsloo as she takes students through a short breathing exercise that explains our breath’s connection to the big blue. It’s a very calming video and would be a perfect way to start a lesson!

Coral reefs are home to an abundance of life but the rise of carbon dioxide levels in the water has had a catastrophic impact. Here’s a quick and simple experiment to explain ‘coral bleaching and demonstrate the importance of keeping oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in check. 

Get the sweets out, it’s time to make your own ocean eco-system! Play along with this fun activity at home or in the classroom. 

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