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Find Resources on our Ocean’s Climate

In the lead up to World Ocean Day for Schools, we’ll be selecting ocean-related resources for you to use in class or at home.


This week’s theme is Climate. 


See below for our top picks or click here for more

How are hurricanes formed? Where is the Earth’s largest waterfall?  Why do scientists measure surface temperature? Fun questions and answers to create quizzes or delve deeper into specific topics.

Did you know seagrass captures carbon 35x faster than trees in the rainforest? Find out more about this wonder plant and how it can help us tackle climate change here

On Tuesday 26th May, students and teachers are invited to join the Marine Conservation Society’s live webinar on seagrass to find out more about its habitat and how to protect it. Note signup is required as places are limited. 

Ocean-based facts and key information on climate change, it’s impact and how we can all work together to curve the trend.


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