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Happy World Ocean Day for Schools!

If you’re reading this, your child celebrated World Ocean Day at school. It has been an amazing day and we’ve been thrilled to see the flow of activity in schools up and down the UK.

The enthusiasm for World Ocean Day and feedback from thousands of schools & teachers has demonstrated to us how much children love learning about our oceans, its inhabitants, and what they can do to protect them. To further encourage this we’ve put together a list of six tips and activities you can do at home, at the weekend and during school holidays to develop this sense of connection. We’ll cover… Reducing water & plastic usage, team beach cleans, wild swimming, wellbeing exercises and proactive campaigning! 

Saving water at home
The average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day! Here are some tips from the Eden Project on how you can reduce your daily water usage

Reducing plastic usage
Disposable, single use plastics are one of the largest threats to the health of our oceans. There are many easily adoptable ways to reduce your plastic footprint. Here are ten tips from the WWF.

Sign up for a beach clean
Despite our growing effort toward reducing plastic usage, unfortunately a lot of waste still ends up littering our streets, beaches and eventually our oceans. Surfers Against Sewage have put together this handy list of places you can go, to get a beach looking ship shape: Sign up for local beach clean

Being nearer to water more often
It has been proven that being in, on, under or near water can have a hugely positive impact on our mental well-being. It’s called being ‘Blue Minded‘. 

Instead of visiting the local leisure centre for a swim – why not consider one of the UK’s many wild swimming locations?

Did you know that we’re never further than 70 miles from the coast in the UK? Here’s a guide to Britain’s 30 Best Seaside Towns. 

Breathing with the ocean 
When you need a quiet moment to reset at home, why not try this set of breathing exercises from world champion free diver Hanli Prinsloo. She reminds us that every breath we take is linked back to the ocean.

Be an ocean activist!
Call on your MP to protect the ocean from plastic pollution and the climate crisis. Surfers Against Sewage have made it super easy to do so:

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We hope that in the near future everyone will consider themselves an Ocean Advocate. Here are some cards which you can print out at home which will remind your family how to deepen their connection to water and lessen their impact on the ocean.