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Tuesday 8th June

How might we find ways to deepen our connection to the ocean ? 

hosted by our friends at Ocean Conservation Trust and National Marine Aquarium

Assembly at 9am

We’ll kick off our day with a live assembly hosted by Lizzie Daly, TV wildlife presenter and Joe Farrow from the Ocean Conservation Trust.

Lizzie will introduce the day’s challenge and then Joe will explore what the ocean means to you and introduce you to an interactive game to show how we are all connected to the ocean.

Download and print your colouring in activity for the day

Ocean Lessons at 11am – Click to access all resources

Esther from Ocean Conservation Trust will be interviewing people about World Ocean Day and what the ocean means to them. Then we’ll head off for a live rockpool ramble with the team as they show us all the amazing things we can find in both coastal and inland waterways and we’ll even get to see the biologists feed some of their animals!  To top it all off there will be an opportunity to have a story from Marina their resident mermaid!

Ready for the Droplet Voyage ? Learn all about the water cycle by playing a game modelling the path that water takes through Earth: from the soil to rivers and lakes to clouds all the way to the ocean.

The team from Soul and Surf will share their film, The Convergence Zone which helps us understand more about ocean literacy through the eyes of surfers.

Join our friends at Marine Conservation Society as they explore how your school is connected to the ocean, why the ocean is salty and what causes the tides.

And check in with our friends at Surfers Against Sewage to learn about the ocean and climate crisis and the immense impact of collective action!

Ages 5 -11 // Duration 45 mins

Ages 5 -11 // Duration 20 mins

Ages 7-11 // Duration 60 mins
Ages 7-11 // Duration 75 mins
Ages 11+ // Duration 60 mins
Ages 7-11 // Duration 60 mins

Creating your Blue Space at 1pm – Click to access all resources

Have you downloaded your guide to creating a Blue Space yet ? That’s a great place to start !

The afternoon session will kick-off with a guided meditation journey through the ocean to inspire you for the imaginative art activity.  Get ready to roll up your sleeves and start designing and building your very own rockpool model to put in your Blue Space!

We’ve also got an incredible ocean cartoon from Joel Harper to share with you called All the Way to the Ocean. Plus, a fun workshop with Kim Hillyard to help you craft a cuttlefish to put in your Blue Space!

And finally, at 4pm Incredible Oceans are partnering with the FuseSchool YouTube channel to explore the link between our ocean and climate with a fun and informative World Ocean Day lesson. Join oceanographer Russell Arnott and earth scientist, Sophia Bolton for an informative and empowering look at our ocean, our climate and what you can do to help!


Ages 5-7 Duration 10 mins
Ages 5-11 // Duration 45 mins
Ages 5-11 // Duration 15 mins
Ages 5-11 // Duration 15 mins