2020 theme Support | World Ocean Day for Schools

Help make a splash for World Ocean Day!

We’re big fans of the work you’re doing for the ocean. Can you help us get more kids and teachers exploring what you love?

Last year, we launched World Ocean Day for Schools: a catalyst for kids to discover and celebrate their ocean connection. Find out more here: worldoceanday.school

This year we’re going to spark an even bigger conversation, with a goal of reaching 5,000 primary schools, and we’re asking you to be a part of it.

Here are three ways you could help make that happen...


Spread the word on social media or through your newsletter

Suggested copy: World Ocean Day for Schools is 7th June! Register your interest here to unlock a treasure chest of free ocean learning resources: www.worldoceanday.school @wodforschools #worldoceanday


Send us your favourite ocean learning resources

We’re curating the best learning resources around two themes:

  • Our connection to water
  • Our impact on the ocean


Record and send a 60 second film of yourself raving about the ocean

Give us a shout out, tell kids why the ocean is important, wax lyrical about one of our themes, or share an interesting fact or insight.

It can be super low-fi, shot on your phone is great! Be as creative as you like: in your back garden, by the river, after a dip in the sea. We’ll share your films on our partners’ social media channels to reach schools, parents, and teachers, and we’ll make them available to teachers to share with kids on the day.

We’re a small team backed by a collective of charities and marine NGOs. We’re making the most of what resource we have and your help is appreciated!

Feel free to be in touch and send content to hello@worldoceanday.school or @WODforSchools on Twitter.