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Session Resources Guide

All the details you need for each session.

Every activity will be viewable from our website unless specifically noted below. All sessions will be available on catch-up apart from those that are live-streamed.

Get a flavour of each session by clicking the activity window on our homepage and playing the trailer.

Don’t forget to dress in blue!

9:00-9:30 – Welcome and kick-off

No resources needed. Simply watch the video from our website.

9:30 – Rockpooling

Ask questions live via the chat window. No other resources needed.

10:00 – Breathe Like a Dolphin

Floor space and a cushion.

10:30 – Connect Stage

  • One Planet, One Ocean — Computer or tablet. This is a live session and requires pre-registration.
  • Incredible Oceans TV Live!  None.
  • Explore Your Blue Mind — TBC
  • Exploring the Arctic Ocean — Pen and paper. This is a live session and requires pre-registration.
  • Pollution Problems  —  Download and print this worksheet.
  • Shark Conservation — Download this worksheet for after
  • Homeschool with Common Seas — Download ‘Home Activities’ from this link (live on Monday)

13:00 – Create Stage

  • Using Art to Save Our Seas — Coloured chalk, a place to draw outside or paper.
  • Create an Ocean Story with Fabled — Pens and paper.
  • How to Cross the Ocean: SUP or Swim Like a Turtle? — Pens and paper.
  • Blue Yoga with Natalie Fox — Mat and space to move.
  • Author Reading with Sarah Roberts — None.
  • Make Microplastic Art with Mandy Barker — Plastic waste from home or school and scissors and a camera or phone to take photos with.
  • How to Make a Rain Gauge and Why — Large bottle, scissors, pen, ruler & tape.
  • Top Tips to Clean Up! — None.
  • Make It Up with Midnight — Plastic bag, plastic bottle, cardboard, pens or paints, glue & string.
  • Habi-Hats Creative Challenge with OCT — A long strip of card or paper, colouring pens or pencils, glue, any extra craft bits you want to add as decoration and a stapler.
  • Reading: Little Turtle Changes the Tide — None.
  • Surf a Wave Around the World — Rope, paper, colouring pencils or pens.
  • Become Part of The Sea Monkey Crew  —  Download and print this workbook. Colouring pencils or pens.
  • Craft a Cuttlefish with Kim Hillyard — Two pieces of plain white A4 card, glue, scissors, paint, paintbrushes, water (in a jar) and a selection of coloured pens or pencils.
  • Animating Water with Elly Strigner — large cardboard box, cardboard scraps, scissors, blu-tac, glue, crayons, coloured pens or paper, clingfilm, cheap hair gel, empty cup or jar, smartphone. Download app ‘Stop Motion Studio’ (free). Additional: pebbles, building blocks.
  • Learn About Hammerhead Sharks and Make Your Own — Download and print this worksheet. Toilet roll, cardboard, paints, scissors, black pen.
  • All the Way to the Ocean with Joel Harper — None.
  • Send Waves of Optimism with SAS — Download and print this worksheet and follow this instruction guide. Coloured pens or pencils.

16:00 – Connect Stage

No resources needed. Watch the performances on our website.

18:00 – Films

Popcorn and a relaxing chair or couch. Watch the films on our website.