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Classroom Resources

Please get in touch if you need any help by contacting hello@worldoceanday.school. All of the assets will be held under the creative commons license of BY-NC-SA (which allows reuse and remix, but not for commercial gain).


20 mins

Food chain colouring in

Learn about the food chain while you colour in

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Colour by letters

Colour in this seascape with letters to help you

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Spot the difference

Can you see the difference in these two seascapes?

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The Dolphin Game

Learn how dolphins and other whales use sound to hunt under the water

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Rockpool Explorers

Find out more about the mini ecosystems of rockpools

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What is a food chain?

Where does a crab get its energy to move and grow?

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Make your own shark fin

Learn how to make this fin and become a shark for the day

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Bubble Munchers

Play this game to discover the adaptations marine creatures have to help them survive underwater.

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Creepy Crabs

Pretend you're a crab and use your camouflage to avoid hungry seagulls!

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A day in the life of...

Write a story about a typical day in the life of a marine animal.

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Conservation Quiz

Take on this quiz from the National Marine Aquarium

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Underwater Noise Quiz

Find out about all the things that make noise underwater from dolphins to drills.

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True or False game

Test your marine knowledge with this fun and active true or false game

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People and the sea

What makes a visit to the seaside special?

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Where does rubbish go?

How does waste and pollution get into our seas?

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Whale activity booklet

Learn all about whales with this booklet packed with fun and games

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Stingray Origami

Follow the steps to make your very own paper stingray

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How deep is the Ocean?

This incredible animation shows how deep the ocean really is

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100 mins

Marine pollution & human health

Sea Change Teaching Module: Marine Pollution & Human Health

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60 mins

Take the plastic challenge

How long do you think it takes plastic to break down?

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Test your Ocean Knowledge

Take the International Ocean Literacy Survey designed for 16-18 year olds

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Protect Life below water

This comprehensive lesson plan teaches students about threats to the ocean

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The Ocean's shifting baseline

Daniel Pauly's TED talk informs us about how the Ocean is degrading

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Healthy Seas: Save Your Breath - Underwater Live Streaming

Join us on 8th June to watch live as divers explore the depths of the Aegean sea

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Sea Change Teaching Module: The Ocean is planet Earth’s life support system

This comprehensive teaching module explains how the oceans are invaluable to life on Earth.

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Tune in to oneocean.fm

On June 8th, celebrate the ocean with a day of live chats, music and exclusive interviews.

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Plastic Pollution Facts

A sheet of facts demonstrating the extent to which plastic is affecting our oceans.

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World Oceans Day 2018 - Human Wave

Join One Island One Voice as they set out to make a human wave

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How deep is the ocean?

This incredible animation shows how deep the ocean really is

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World Ocean Day Broadcast Invite

A flyer showing the line-up for the One Ocean FM live broadcast

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Ocean Literacy

Understand our ocean with help from this poster

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Plastics in the marine environment

Find out what is polluting our oceans

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Life below water: why it matters

Find out more about the UN's Global Goal #14

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Our Seas and Oceans

Learn facts about the seas and oceans of the world

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