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What is your favourite sustainable fishing gadget ?

The Marine Stewardship Council designed an education activity to help learners improve their learning about sustainable fishing and the role it plays in protecting the ocean.

Age group – 7-11

Duration – 45 mins

Download the teaching resources here

Can we keep eating fish, and still have enough fish in the ocean ?

This World Ocean Day, the Marine Stewardship Council proposes learners to investigate and solve a big ocean mystery.

Age group – 11+

Duration – 45 mins

Download the teaching resources here

Take our Kahoot quiz !

The ocean sustains our whole planet. But it is unquestionably under pressure due to global warming or human activities such as overfishing. World Ocean Day is a great moment to learn more about how sustainable fishing contributes to protecting the ocean. Play our Kahoot and find out how much you know about it

Age group – 11+

Duration – 45 mins

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Take part in our competition !

MSC certified fisheries and scientists are always looking out for new ways to help make fishing more sustainable. Whether it’s reducing bycatch, protecting the ocean ecosystem, or understanding more about what’s going on under the surface of the ocean, there are lots of innovations out there.​

Can learners think of a way to help make fishing more sustainable? It could be:

– a new piece of tech for scientists of fishers

– a different way of fishing

– an ideas to educate people about our ocean

– a campaign to change what governments do

– or anything else they want!

​Learners can work on their own, in a group or as a whole class to create a drawing, picture display, film, description or diagram of an idea. Schools and educational institutions anywhere around the world can enter. Your school could win £300 (or equivalent in your local currency) to support your ocean literacy work or for your local blue space!

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