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How to plan your day

If you’re wondering how your day could look, we have created a list of activities you can opt in to throughout the day.

Host an Assembly

Hosting an assembly is a great way to spread the message about the ocean and inspire the next generation to connect with it. The main theme is to celebrate the role the ocean plays in all our lives, to learn more about our blue planet and to kickstart a fun conversation.

We have prepared a resource package for the assembly to include:

  • Presentation slides.
  • Film. The film is available to download or you can stream it on Vimeo.
  • Create a wave in the assembly hall at the end of the film.

How to make your wave

  1. Children sat in year groups with the youngest at the front.
  2. Teachers position themselves at each side of the hall standing alongside Yr R.
  3. Teachers signal Yr R. to start, Yr R start patting the floor.
  4. Teachers slowly walk backwards and signal Year 2 make a ssshhh noise.
  5. The teachers continue to walk back, the children get louder all the time. Year 3 and Year 4 start patting their knees.
  6. The teachers get to the back and signal Year 5 and 6 to clap their hands building to a big crescendo.
  7. Teachers turn and return to the front. Year groups stop making the noise as the teachers walk past and the hall returns to silence.

Repeat the process to mimic waves. After the assembly, start a group discussion in the classroom, using some of our classroom resources for inspiration.

Dress Up for The Ocean

Participate by dressing as a sea creature or in different shades of blue like the ocean;

  • Host a fun costume parade to showcase all the hard work and award a prize for the best one.
  • Encourage pupils to share two facts about why the ocean is important and how they can help.


Ocean Lesson

Our classroom resource page is full of lesson plans, activities, fact sheets and even a quiz, to help you plan your day. We want you to have fun with all the resources. We have loads of options and so it’s up to you to decide what resources are right for your school and how much time you have available. There’s no right or wrong way;

  • Lesson time activities we’ve provided.
  • Classroom activity: Show and tell – bring in an item linked to the ocean and tell


Plastic Free Lunch

Celebrate World Ocean Day with a plastic free lunch.  

  • Plastic free lunch (see here, here, here and here for examples)
  • Ask students to think about the number of single-use plastics they use during the week (e.g packaging and straws) and then ask them to come up with environmentally friendly alternatives (e.g paper straws).