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World Ocean Day for Schools 2023

Join kids and teachers around the world for a fun, interactive day of learning about our blue planet. Now in its sixth year, World Ocean Day for schools excites kids about the blue spaces around them and how they can help protect these fascinating ecosystems for life. Register for free, and you’ll get more materials ahead of June 8.

Benefits for students and teachers

Fun, interactive learning

Engaging “live lessons” and creative exercises that transport kids from the classroom to all corners of our blue planet.

Flexible lesson materials

Design your day of learning with a morning assembly, teacher toolkits, and a range of interactive lesson modules to choose from.

Knowledge for change-makers

Kids are amazing ocean advocates, when they learn about the wonders of the seas and their connections to marine life.

Ocean is Family: our theme for 2023

We may be different, but we’re all connected. We depend on each other like any family. Ocean is Family explores the fascinating bonds between life on land and in the seas. We’ll be asking kids to think about how they see a different, but very natural, family relationship.

Highlights from 2022

Over 20,000 kids from 70 countries joined World Ocean Day for Schools last year. See some highlights!

Our Impact

When today’s kids grow up they’ll need to help our stressed oceans recover and thrive. That’s why World Ocean Day for Schools focuses on impact as well as learning.

Our Blue is an action-oriented exercise that deepens kids’ connection with their local Blue Space, whether that’s a beach or a lake. Memory Maps help visualise their bond to a body of water. Action Plans ask them to think creatively about how to protect these spaces.

Join over 1,000 schools that have added their Blue Spaces to the map and started taking action to celebrate and conserve them.