A celebration of our connection to the ocean

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Tues 8th June 2021

70% of our planet is water, as is
70% of the human body.

We live on a blue planet, planet ocean.

After the success of Blue Planet 2 and with mainstream conversation about climate change rising, the UK and beyond have started to think differently about our connection to the ocean. Young people worldwide want to learn more about their planet and what they can do to create a more meaningful connection to it, and in time make different decisions.

The ocean has always existed in our minds as a magical place, home to some of the most wonderful and at times, otherworldly, lifeforms on the planet. However our ocean is anything but otherworldly – it is 70% of our entire world and it is struggling to function with our disposable global culture, fuelled by a lack of ecological illiteracy. The ocean plastics crisis is forcing us to contemplate our true relationship with the ocean and its extraordinary life sustaining properties.

In addition to this, new research is surfacing surrounding the wellbeing benefits associated with being in / on / under / near water. That to understand more about the patterns and ways of our ocean is to understand more about ourselves. It makes sense – we are watery beings after all!

What we do to celebrate World Ocean Day

Dress up for the ocean

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Host an assembly

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Ocean Lesson

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Make and perform a song

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Flooding the curriculum

World Ocean Day for Schools is a free digital platform that curates the most engaging and thought provoking ocean related learning resources for educators. This platform is designed to act as a catalyst to a richer connection with the ocean in a way that complements existing school curriculum. These explorations into all of our water systems culminate with a global celebration in June in conjunction with World Ocean Day every year.

Understanding of the ocean’s influence on you and your influence on the ocean.

Now entering its third year World Ocean Day for Schools was created with the belief that there has been no better time to get kids passionate about the ocean, understanding our relationship with it and how we can take collective action, not just on World Ocean Day, but all year round. Each child will journey starting with understanding the importance of the ocean to humankind, can then talk about the ocean in a meaningful way and are then able to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the ocean and it’s resources.

The ocean is a breathtaking, complicated and magical place and we aim to reflect in that in content curated by WOD for Schools. Learning about the ocean should be fun, engaging and experimental.

Who we are

We Are Ocean collective emerged in 2016 from a small group of organisations, aligned by shared objectives of increasing Ocean Literacy and effective collaboration. In accelerating Ocean Literacy we will live in a society that understands the importance of the ocean to humankind, can talk about the ocean in a meaningful way and are able to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the ocean and it’s resources. World Ocean Day for Schools was the first project created by We Are Ocean.

To understand more of the ideas behind World Ocean Day for Schools you can read the We Are Ocean report on ocean literacy here: Accelerating Ocean Literacy in UK Culture.

The founding organisations for World Ocean Day for Schools were Marine Biological Association, Marine Conservation Society, National Marine Aquarium, Thames Estuary Partnership, The Wild Network, WWF UK & Sky Ocean Rescue & Wild Labs.