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A guide for Parents

It’s World Ocean Day on Monday, June the 8th and, along with tens of thousands of people around the world, we’ll be celebrating the ocean and all that it has to offer in schools and homes across the globe.

With our partners at the National Marine Aquarium, Ocean Conservation Trust, WWF, Marine Conservation Society, The Wild Network and more, we’ve developed an amazing program specifically created to excite, educate and engage children of all ages with the majority of the content aimed between the ages of 5 and 11.

Our free festival will be digitally-led and include a mix of online and off-screen fun. Activities include live science lessons, storytelling, craft, yoga, music performances, breath work, films and SO much more.

Here’s a little taster from our host, Lizzie Daly.

To keep things simple, all sessions will be run from our homepage so if you’re guiding learning from home you won’t need to click anywhere else unless it’s specifically mentioned on the activity window.

Tune-in at each time slot to take part in real-time with tens of thousands of children across the UK (and the world). If you miss a ‘show’, don’t worry as all videos will be available afterwards to catch up in your own time or to use again in class or at home.


Our 2020 theme is the link between Ocean Health and Human Health.

Now, more than ever, we can all appreciate the impact of nature on our physical and mental wellbeing. The ocean does so much for us from providing food and jobs to relaxation and playtime. Learning more about our connection to the ocean means we’re able to understand the impact when it’s not taken care of. We need the ocean and the ocean needs us.

Want to learn more? Watch this video to understand more about how every second breath we take comes from the ocean. Clue: it’s all about the small but mighty phytoplankton.

Things To Do

Connect with your school and find out if they’re taking part.

Check out our lineup. Some sessions require you to register or download a resource ahead of time.

Dress in blue. This is an easy and fun way for your child to join in, from head to toe! Spread the word.

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Thanks for taking part! We look forward to seeing you on the 8th,

World Ocean Day for Schools Team