World Ocean Day for schools

A festival celebrating our ocean connection.

On Monday 8th June we are bringing the wonder of the ocean from the deep blue to wherever you are. Our interactive line up of ocean advocates will unfold right here with live ocean films, science lessons, music performances, yoga, breath-work, storytelling and much more!

Dress up in blue on the day to get in the mood for the festival 💙

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9:00am: World Ocean Day kick-off

Lizzie Daly will open the festival!

9:30am: Rockpool Ramble at the National Marine Aquarium

10:00am: Preparing to connect zone

Learn how to breathe like a dolphin
Virtual World Oceans Day Celebrations

10:30am: Ocean Learning Zone

One Planet, One Ocean - MCS (need to preregister)
Incredible Oceans TV Live! Get Your Questions Ready
Explore your Creative, Happy & Healthy Blue Mind
Exploring the Arctic Ocean with Encounter Edu (need to preregister)
Beyond The Blue with Swim Dem Crew
Pollution Problems with Ocean Conservation Trust
Shark Conservation with Eco Action Families Live (need to preregister)
Homeschool with Common Seas
Quarantine periods with City To Sea

1:00pm: Ocean creative Zone

Using Art to Save Our Seas with Pangeaseed
Create an ocean story with Fabled
How to Cross an Ocean: SUP or Swim?
Blue yoga with Natalie Fox
Author Reading with Sarah Roberts
Micro plastics art with Mandy Barker
How to make a rain gauge and why!
Top Tips to help Clean Up!
Make it up with Street Artist Midnight
Habit-hats Create Challenge with OCT
Change the world with Little Turtle Turns The Tide
Surf A Wave Around The World with Kaimiloa project
The Sea Monkey Project
Craft a cuttlefish with Kim Hillyard
Animating Water with Elly Strigner
Hammerhead Shark Lesson and Craft with Sharks4Kids
All the way to the ocean by Joel Harper
Waves of Optimism with SAS

4:00pm: Songs for the Ocean

featuring a lineup of music artists from around the world

6:00pm: Films for the Ocean

Post festival: : Continue your blue learning

Set your own Plastic Challenge this July
Get your World Ocean Day for Schools t-shirt!
Guide to Home School with Common Seas