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Join us for World Ocean Day for Schools 2021

the home of blue learning for educators and parents

We are so excited to celebrate all things blue with you this year – with four days of activities, ocean lessons, live-streamed workshops and creative projects to dive into ! Each day will focus on an ocean themed challenge and is hosted by one of our amazing partners.


We’ll kick off each day with an assembly – introducing the challenge and learning more about all the activities lined up for the day.


Let’s jump into our Ocean Lessons – Exploring the theme of the day, with a range of activities for different age groups.


Time to get creative ! This year we’re inviting you to create a Blue Space in your school or at home. Our 1pm sessions will spark lots of inspiration for how to make your space, decorate it and all sorts of fun things to do in it once it has been created !

Tuesday 8th June

How might we find ways to deepen our connection to the ocean ?

Hosted by Ocean Conservation Trust & National Marine Aquarium

Wednesday 9th June

How might we find creative solutions to the ocean plastics problem ?

Hosted by Common Seas

Thursday 10th June

How might we protect the biodiversity of our ocean ?

Hosted by Marine Stewardship Council

Friday 11th June

How can we help more people experience the wellbeing benefits of blue spaces ?

Hosted by Marine Conservation Society